Aerial photography, through the use of drones, has changed the way many industries capture the images they need to promote and protect their products and structures. Offering a bird’s eye view, camera-equipped drones are simply the best way to highlight a property’s amenities or to provide evidence of structural integrity. Providing you with technologically advanced photographic and video imagery that surpasses the standard and exceeds your expectations, Sky Capture’s drone pilot Brandon Clark strives to ensure your complete and total satisfaction with any of the following services.

Infrastructure Inspections

Equipped with a range of cameras and sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer safe, effective and affordable surveying and inspection capabilities. Revolutionizing the maintenance needs of communication organizations, construction companies and other industries, drones provide incredible detail without risk to personnel.

Aerial Photography and Videography

Providing indelible images through FAA-licensed, remotely piloted drones, using only the most reliable and innovative equipment, including 4K imagery, our fleet of drones capture stunning images and landscapes for a variety of applications.

Weddings and Special Events

Elevate the perceived view of any special occasion with drone videos and photos. From corporate events to family reunions and wedding receptions, we provide stunning custom imagery for day-of showings and photographic mementos of the event of itself.

Real Estate

Easily highlight every attractive feature of any property with sweeping views from any angle. Giving a real-world view of real estate listings have revolutionized the industry by boosting sales.

Mapping and Scanning

Working with agricultural, industrial and public sector entities, we are able to provide technologically advanced, digital 2D and 3D elevation models through orthomosaics and NDVI applications.

Thermal Imaging, Inspections and 3D modeling

With a fleet of drones available at our disposal, we are able to easily integrate a number of aerial services to meet the needs of the construction, inspection, and insurance industries as well as many others. Use Sky Capture to detect weak spots, leaks and damage to structures that the human eye is incapable of seeing.