Detecting what is normally invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging technology has helped both private companies and private sector entities save money, time and effort on utility and structural inspections of all types. With specialized equipment and software, we are able to find and identify gas and pipeline leaks, damaged or diminished internal building materials, loose connections in machinery and power loss in solar panels and wind turbines.

The use of drones for mechanical and structural inspections allows organizations to be proactive in their maintenance needs, providing an affordable means to routinely inspect vital components before a dangerous or costly issue arises.

Keeping your valued staff on the ground and off of elevated structures such as cell towers, and safely away from power lines, unmanned drones provide high-quality imagery that provides the necessary information you need to safely maintain your company’s most important equipment and structures.

Backed by years of experience and hundreds of hours of flight time, we are able to provide all of our clients with all-encompassing drone inspections including thermal imaging and 3D model creation. We work with companies within a variety of industries and can create customized projects to suit your exact inspection needs.

At Sky Capture, safety will always remain our top priority, therefore, we never compromise our standards nor will we cut corners, working instead to eliminate risk and protect your investment. Find out why we’re one of the most sought-after and respected FAA-licensed drone pilots in the region by scheduling your needs analysis and project consultation now.